Screen Size:
11.6 inches (length 11.40 x width 7.00 inches)
0.93 kgs
Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Screen Quantity:
One Screen
Port Version:
1xUSB-C 2.0version, 2xUSB-C 3.0version charging PD 100W(Max),1xHDMI
For Laptop Size:
13 -16 inches size laptops
For Device:
For Operating System:
Rotatable Angle:
Screen Resolution:
1920*1080P Full HD, aspect ratio 16:9
Monitor Panel:
IPS wide viewing angle, 220 CD/m²
For M1 Chip:
Install Driver:
P1 Extender Screen Introduction
Product function: This product is a portable multifunctional screen splitter with bracket, 1. for notebooks with Type C interface, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, etc., to solve the original end of the device screen is not enough, the screen is too small, 2. for laptop screen expansion with HDMI video interface; 3. the product comes with USB2.0 HUB support, mouse, keyboard, U disk, hard disk TPYE-C interface support PD/3.0 uplink power supply (5V ~ 20V) charging power 100W (MAX). Product applications: 1. the latest generation of notebooks, cell phones, tablets, etc. with USB 3.1 Type C standard protocol interface, after expansion through this splitter, you can expand 1 different screen (the computer needs to have USB 3.1 TPYE-C signal output interface), 2. the computer USB 3.1 interface signal into HDMI video signal and support 1080P 60Hz Video playback, and support PD/3.0 uplink power supply; 3. U disk, mobile hard disk, keyboard, mouse, etc. connected to the device USB interface, you can establish a USB 2.0 data transfer with the computer; 3. the computer USB 3.1 interface signal into a 2.0 stereo audio signal, 4. support HDMI video interface laptop, desktop computer video expansion.
Function Description
I. Product Description:
Function support. 1. resolution: 1080P 60HZ (1920 * 1080P) FHD Full HD, aspect ratio 16:9. 2. product interface: TPYE-C *2 ,HDMI *1 ,USB2.0 *1; 3. Panel: IPS wide viewing angle, 220CD/㎡, matte Wled backlight 4. Features: with a line through function. 2PCS speakers 5. Product power consumption: single screen power consumption less than or equal to 5.5W
Second, compatibility
2.1 Resolution compatibility: 640*480-1920*1080P; 2.2 Color format: RGB. 2.3 Refresh frequency: 24HZ-60HZ. 2.4 HDMI version : 1.4 2.5 TPYE-C version : USB3.1 (via DP protocol) 2.6 Built-in USB HUB: USB2.0 (transfer rate: 12-480Mbps) supports expansion of mouse, keyboard, U disk, mechanical hard disk, solid state drive. 2.7 support MAC/Windows/Android/Chrome/Linx system.
Product Specifications
1. screen comes with a stand can be adapted to 13-inch to 16.5-inch computers. 2. FHD Full HD 1080P (1920*1080 resolution), 16:9 widescreen display with 92 pixels per inch, wide field of view and clear picture. 3. TPYE-C dual interface blind plug. 4. IPS panel wide viewing angle technology. 5. Support HDR display effect. 6. TPYE-C a line connected to the phone, cell phone mode / computer mode conversion at will, the phone seconds into a computer host, support the hammer TNT, Huawei EMUI, Samsung DEX 7. Built-in audio speakers, stereo sound. 8. Product TPYE-C interface support PD100W charging, (such as external PD 100W power supply can provide up to 85W charging power to the TPYE-C computer)


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