F2 14” Triple Portable Laptop Monitor


F2 360° Rotation Laptop Screen Monitor

Experience the upgraded F2 portable monitor with two screens and an intelligent stand. No need to clip the screens onto your laptop, providing enhanced laptop protection. The smart stand allows for horizontal or vertical 360-degree rotation, giving you the flexibility to adjust both screens to your preferred comfortable viewing angles. 

1080P Resolution & 14″ IPS FHD Screen

F2 monitor extender delivers powerful performance with a native IPS FHD 1080P resolution. It presents crisp and vivid visuals, capturing even the finest details and offering a dynamic viewing experience with sharp contrast and depth, whether it’s for video or working with documents.With smooth screen display, it provides an immersive gaming experience on its 14″ large screen
❤The monitor can also be used independently without the stand.
Kwumsy F2 14'' 1080P Triple Portable Laptop Monitor

Flexible use of multiple modes

Flexible use of multiple modes

Wide Compatibility for Various Scenarios

The Triple monitor for laptop supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android, and is compatible with various devices such as laptops, mini PCs, desktop PCs, tablets, PS5, and Switch. It offers broad compatibility, making it versatile for use at home with desktop PCs or mini PCs, as well as for multitasking at work with laptops and tablets, enhancing work efficiency and productivity.

Easy Setup

The connection is very convenient, only one cable is needed for plug-and-play function. It is equipped with versatile connection ports, including HDMI and Type-C, ensuring high compatibility. If your device has a Type-C port with power delivery of 10W or above (required for video output), a single Type-C cable is all you need for connection. The Type-C port also allows reverse charging for laptops and smartphones. Alternatively, you can connect via the HDMI port and USB-A port (supply power for F2) on your device.

Ultra Travel Portable Monitor

Incredibly slim and lightweight. it is extremely convenient to carry and effortlessly slides into your laptop backpack. The connection is highly convenient, requiring only a single cable for plug and play functionality. It is perfect for business meetings, presentations, gaming, and more. Carry it with you and start your work or travel.

How to check if the interface of your laptop is TYPE-C?



Kwumsy F2 Specifications
14″ Portable Monitor × 2
USB C-C Cable × 2
USB A-C Cable × 2
User Manual × 1
Travel Bag × 1
Bracket × 1


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