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K1 is a multi-functional external, portable folding, applicable to laptops, desktops, Android phones multi-functional touch keyboard, it can solve the original end device touch screen, keyboard, USB2.0 expansion needs. 1. as long as your computer has a TYPE-C full-featured interface, he can provide a computer keyboard, USB2.0 and 12.6-inch screen expansion, the screen supports touch control As long as your computer has HDMI interface, through our custom cable, he can provide a computer with keyboard, USB2.0 and 12.6-inch screen expansion, screen support touch control, 3. He can effectively reduce your dependence on the mouse, touch the screen can directly control the computer can increase your work efficiency by up to 50% and achieve efficient multitasking. 5. KI can be used on laptops, desktop computers with two USB2.0 ports, you can also connect Android phones, etc. for screen casting and microcomputer operations, no matter where you are, you can build your own You can set up your own studio wherever you are and start working efficiently!
K1 可以通过TPYE-C一线连接手机,作为手机的显示屏,链接后,手机模式/电脑模式随意转换,让手机秒变电脑主机,并支持触摸;目前手机可以支持华为EMUI,三星DEX。
The screen supports ten-point touch, which can bring users almost zero latency touch feedback, truly touch as you wish, support for laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, support for Windows, MAC OS system, Android system.
K1 Keboard Key Definition
K1 键盘连接方式
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